Thursday, January 03, 2008


Over the past week, I have spoken to several dear friends of mine who travel regularly to Pakistan to preach the gospel and encourage Pakistani pastors and other evangelical Christian leaders to get an update on how best to pray for the country in the wake of the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Here is an email one of them -- fresh back from the region -- sent me yesterday:

"The Bhutto family is respected and revered by so many Pakistanis like the Kennedy family in the USA. Her assassination could throw the country into further turmoil, confusion and instability. Pray for the believers or for the Christian community in Pakistan. Unfortunately the Muslims can take their anger against innocent Christians and they can be used as scapegoats. Since most Pakistanis are anti-West and anti-Christian, they can blame the Christians for all their tragedies and problems. Please pray particularly for the believers who are living in remote villages. They have nobody to defend them or protect them unless the Lord does it. Pray also for the Christian leaders who have a high profile that the Lord may protect them as the country is passing through such turmoil. I personally believe it is the time we should cover our fellow believers in Pakistan with prayer consistently and continuously so that the Lord may put a hedge around them. Pray also for their houses and property that they will be protected from vandalism, bombing and other things.....Unfortunately, President Pervez Musharaf is playing double. Personally I don't think he is sincere. Therefore, I suggest that we pray for Pakistan as a nation at the moment. If Pakistan falls into the hands of the Taliban or other terrorists groups, it will have worldwide repercussions and consequences. Furthermore, Pakistan is a country with nuclear bombs so it is important for Pakistan to have a stable, reliable government."