Tuesday, October 09, 2007

ANOTHER UPDATE ON GAZA SLAYING: Christians all over the world -- including Jewish believers in Israel -- standing with their Palestinian brothers

Here's the latest email we've received from our friends at the Palestinian Bible Society:

"Rami Ayyad, 30, manager of the Bible Society bookshop in Gaza, was kidnapped on Saturday near his home in Gaza City. His body was later found near the Islamic University on Sunday morning. It is not known who is responsible for the killing. The attack comes six months after the Palestinian Bible Society bookshop was bombed, causing significant damage. Mr Ayyad leaves a pregnant widow, Pauline, and two children; George (2yrs) and Wisam (9months).

"The staff at the Palestinian Bible Society work against a constant backdrop of violence and conflict. They face the threat of attack daily. But they are dedicated to demonstrating the Bible’s life-changing message to the Palestinian people. Rami was no different, and the bookshop he ran was an oasis in Gaza City. His death is a tragedy. During the last two months, Rami received direct threats to his life, and was challenged to refuse his faith.

"The Palestinian Bible Society is in shock at the death of their colleague. 3 days of mourning have been announced, and a black flag has been erected on all Bible Society centers. All activities have been put on halt as a sign of grief. The Catholic Church with the Bible Society branch “Living Stones” in Bir Zeit has provided the chance for people to give their condolences today from 14:00 – 22:00 in the Catholic Church. A memorial day for Rami will be held in the coming weeks in Jerusalem.

"The media response has been much noticed. Daily newspapers are writing about the incident. However, some newspapers have been trying to manipulate the truth by saying that this was a robbery and that Rami was not tortured. Heads of churches in the Jerusalem and the West Bank have asked the PA to investigate the matter and find the murders. The response from the Christian community has been very powerful and supportive. We also received phone calls from Messianic congregations whom have also showed their love and support at this time.

"Labib Madanat, Chief Executive of the Palestinian Bible Society, said, ‘Rami was the most gentle member of the team, the ever-smiling one. He was the face of our Bible shop, always receiving visitors and serving them as Jesus would. ‘Please pray for Rami’s family, for the team and all Christ-followers in Gaza. We are sure that his murder was death was a result of his faith in Christ.’"