Friday, August 15, 2008


A huge story broke first in Israel in Haaretz about a week ago, and now on the Fox News Channel. The son of the leader of Hamas has renounced his affiliation with the terrorist group, has renounced Islam, and has become a follower of Jesus Christ. The full-length interviews are absolutely fascinating.

Please pray:

1. That this young man's faith deepens and grows and that he can be discipled by an older, wiser man of God.

2. That the Lord keeps this young man safe from those Radical jihadists who would try to take his life.

3. That the Lord would answer his prayers and his family's eyes and hearts would be opened and they would all come to faith in Jesus as well.

4. That other Hamas leaders and Muslims throughout the West Bank and Gaza -- as well as all Israelis who are hearing this story -- would be moved by this young man's spiritual journey and begin asking why he did it.

5. That the Lord would continue to build His church in the Holy Land, and not allow the gates of Hell to prevail against it.

HAARETZ: Prodigal Son

FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity