Saturday, March 29, 2008


PROJECT UPDATE: In Matthew 25:36, Jesus tells His followers to visit those in prison. In obediance, The Joshua Fund helped finance a project in February of Christians visiting Sudanese prisoners in an Israeli prison. The goal was to bless these forgotten people with unconditional love in a real and practical way. The project included a time of singing with the prisoners, puppet shows and games for the children, and the distribution of blankets and clothing, along with 850 snacks (purchased inside the prison).

Here is a note that was sent to us by those who ran the project: "It was a bright Sunday morning, 9:30 on Feb. 17th, when, surrounded by the prayers of many prayer warriors from all over the world, twelve of us arrived at [the] prison gate....We did not know what to expect. All the rules said no to this and no to that, yet we were prepared. We had CD players and CDs with Sudanese songs, musical instruments, a sound system, puppets, toys and children’s games with us [along with] new blankets & clothing, we prayerfully listened to the information, where these people came from, why, and how they arrived here. Then came the instructions[from the prison officials]: don’t hug, don’t come close…..Oh Lord!! Teach us we how to show your love that flows through us to these hurting people!! The Lord opened the gates and we could take in all the things we brought with us, except for the sound system, which we could understand! The manager, the education officer, and all those in responsibility, were of great help....People started coming in groups of 50. Soon songs were heard all over the camp. The Lord sent a spirit of joy and many of them sang with us. Some danced too. A couple played our musical instruments and led the group with their own songs. Some had tears in their eyes."