Friday, June 29, 2007


Broadcast on June 3, 2007 -- live from the Empire State Building in New York City -- authors Joel C. Rosenberg and Skip Heitzig discuss geopolitical developments in the Middle East, Bible prophecy, and the role of The Joshua Fund in "blessing Israel and her neighbors in the name of Jesus, according to Genesis 12:1-3." To learn more, or to listen online, please click here.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Excerpt from the May/June 2007 issue of Today's Christian magazine: "Rosenberg strives to place his money and his life where his theology is. He has launched a foundation, called The Joshua Fund, with the goal of providing $1 million in humanitarian relief to Israel and at least $200,000 in relief to Palestine and Lebanon. 'The Israeli government is actually asking Christians, Come and help us,' he says. 'I hope what they're seeing is that I genuinely love the country.'"

Monday, June 18, 2007

CRISIS IN GAZA: Please pray for courage for the believers as bloodbath worsens

The situation in Gaza is going from bad to worse as Hamas and Fatah fight a vicious civil war for control. More than 160 Palestinians have been killed in just the past week, with more than 800 wounded. Hamas operatives have been executing Fatah leaders in the streets in full view of their wives of children. Palestinian Christians find themselves caught in the crossfire. Hamas operatives have blown up a church, attacked a Christian school and set Bibles on fire. That said, here are three emails I have just received from top Palestinian evangelical leaders in Gaza:
1.) "Rejoice in the Lord always, I will say it again: Rejoice. Hi all brothers and sister, I want to thank Our Savior God, He was and still faithful. Last days it was very hard days, no electricity for four days and there are fighting surround our house and building for 48 hours, it was between Fateh and Hamas, as you know I live in Gaza strip, my car was shoot many bullets and damage glasses and some bullets in the body of it. But I want to witness, how our God is faithful and how He command to save me and He was my rock and my refuge, delivered me from the hand of wicked. Nothing touch us and our house, the electricity came just before one hour at 11:00 night, the water came at 2:00 evening, the fighting stopped before two days. We live in the peace of God. I will ever praise you."

2.) "As you probably know from the news, the situation in Gaza is extremely serious, and it is just getting worse. The hope of a new cease fire is lost. It also looks like the unity government is being dissolved. In short; it looks like we are heading in to a civil war. So our hearts is indeed burdened for Gaza these days. The people in Gaza can not go out in the street because it is to dangerous. That goes also for the [our] team. We are very concerned for all the people of Gaza, but in this situation our main concern and responsibility is for our colleagues and their families. One of our colleagues in Gaza, [name withheld for safety], got a light injury yesterday morning, when a RPG rocket landed in his living room. He was hit from a few shrapnels in his back. But thank God, it was not a serious injury, and he and his family is doing ok. They moved to his parents in laws house, as their living room and kitchen is destroyed. We have in our organisational development project been working on crisis management. For Gaza we are now on “level red”: “Direct and proven threat to individual life or work process.” That means that we have to make an action plan on worst case scenario. May God forbid that anything happens to them! The team in Gaza is very committed and dedicated, and do want to stay in Gaza to serve God and the people there. But we have to prepare for evacuation if it gets to bad....please pray for: A) Wisdom and strength for [our team -- names withheld], as we are trying to take wise and right steps in a very difficult situation; B) The protection of [our team] and their families; C) All the Christians in Gaza, that they will be strengthened and be a testimony and comfort for the people around them; D) Peace for whole Gaza, and that God will raise up solid leaders that can lead all of the Palestinian people towards peace and prosperity."
3.) "Dear Friends: Greetings to you from Gaza in Jesus Name. Thank you very much for your concerns, your love & your prayers, we really appreciated. It's great blessings to have brothers, sisters & friends like you. The last several days were very difficult & dangerous. Last Sunday night I wasn't not able to finish my sermon because there were heavy shooting close to the church building while I am preaching & the people become very nervous & afraid, so we stopped the meeting. From Sunday night the situation become more dangerous one member from our church his apartment boomed, he slightly injured & his family is ok. Another family from the Christian community boomed But no one injured. We never thought the fight between the two groups will finish in several days we thought this fight will continue for long time & many many people will be killed, but we thank God it finished faster than we thought & not too many people have been killed (every person who died precious in the eyes of God). In the last few days the PA police took our church building as watching point .But this time they asked us to use the church hall & when we said no, they broke in & when I went today to check the place I found out they stole, the computer, two wireless speakers & the head phones we used for translation (it worth about $4,000). Most of the people in Gaza are watching & waiting what will happen, nothing is clear. All the borders are closed & we are in the biggest prison in the world. We are ok, our trust in Him & God still in control. We continue to experience the power of God's presence, His peace & love at this time. Please pray that God will continue to use us to reflect His love in Gaza. Please pray that God will help me to be the Pastor for my people at this difficult time. Please pray for our children & God help us to help them to over come this trauma. Please pray for stability in the region. Your brother in Christ & your friend."